New Fan Trimmings

Fan New Trimmings is a shop located on Great Titchfield Street. You’ve probably guessed by the name they sell haberdashery fashion accessories.

The business was started in China and was then brought to London and they are currently the largest supplier and distributor for trimmings and accessories in the UK.

The store is fairly compact as you walk around though they do have two floors. Just be mindful when walking around not to knock into any shelves. Price wise they range from £6 to £80 if you are buying per metre with a 5% discount for students.

All in all they’re a really nifty store with beautiful trimmings available with a wide variety of options, from buttons, feathers, feather boas, sequins to fabric. The staff are friendly and more than happy to help with any queries.

Address: 14-18 Great Titchfield St, London, W1W 8BD

Telephone020 7637 0307

Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm | Saturday’s 11am to 6pm | Sunday’s - Closed



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