Misan Textiles

Misan is a brand name that was started by two brothers as a wholesale company 35 years ago.
They then started their sister brands which are three stores, an outlet and a newly set up market stall. They specialise in European cloth often identified by their jacquard and silks.
Misan Brothers specialising in tailoring and cashmere blends using English corduroy mills. Misan Textiles specialise in cotton, linen and embroidery; with prices range from £19 per metre for cotton shirting to £250 per metre for 100% cashmere suiting.
Their higher end fabrics starting from £180 - £250.They do offer 10% student discount for those whose wallets were last seen after reading that sentence. Suffer for the art right? No? Well you don’t have to, samples are available in small rectangular shapes. 10cm metre samples can be bought with 25cm metre samples available for textile or cashmere cloth.
Any sales made over 20 metres could potentially mean getting better deals with careful and persuasive conversation.

Address: Misan Textiles: 52 Berwick St, London W1F 0PE | Misan Brothers: 32 Berwick St, London W1F 8RL

Telephone:  020 3556 9806

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm | Sunday’s - Closed

Web: www.misan.co.uk

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