Dalston Mill Fabrics

Dalston Mill Fabrics is located on Ridley Road market close to the centre of Hackney.This store is a haven of fabric at reasonable prices. A bit haphazard in terms of presentation, you have to look carefully to find those special gems.As you walk in you are surrounded by fabric rolls and baskets, there are stairs that lead you to the second floor; where you are greeted with a wall adorned in buttons and other haberdashery items. You can find all kinds of plain, coloured, patterned and print fabric. They really do have a good selection of cloth.

Price wise compared to other stalls in the market their prices aren’t as cheap though you do still get fair bargains.

Address: 69-73 Ridley Road, Dalston, London, E8 3NP

Telephone: 0207 2494129

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9.30am - 17.30pm | Friday: Open till 18.00pm | Saturday: 9.00am - 18.00pm | Sunday: Closed

Some images of the mill:

IMG_0640[1] IMG_0637[1]  IMG_0635[1] IMG_0632[1] IMG_0630[1]

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