L E S S E N S | 2 0 1 6

Failure is merely an opportunity to grow

Your attitude to a situation determines what you get from it

Hard work pays off but it means nothing if you don’t work hard to keep it

Not everyone is your friend

Be comfortable being in your own company

Less is always more

Be honest with yourself. Sometimes it really is you – not them

Comparison is never productive

You are enough

Most importantly: Knowing and finding your identity in Christ is key to growth in any area of your life

Approaching the end of a year is always a great time for self- reflection. Looking back on your success and failure allows you to assess where change is needed and to identify and appreciate the good things you are doing. It is a great habit to get in to but one we often neglect the whole year till we see a new one approaching.

Here’s to starting as you mean to go on.

What things have you learnt from 2016? Comment below on what you’ll be leaving behind and the lessons you are taking into 2017.

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