Time waits for no man

You cannot climb up a ladder without first moving your leg. Get into the habit of doing things now!

Slouching further into the couch or pressing that snooze button one last time often leaves us behind in life. Personal progression is often slowed down or brought to a standstill where procrastination is allowed to thrive. Excellence comes with hard work.

I came to the quick realisation that if I was going to make a success of my life; the only person to make that happen was me. Anything I wanted to happen in my life was dependant on my ability, my drive and how hard I was willing to work (in Christ of course). I saw that through passing my driving test, my degree and securing my first job. The goals however do not end there.

I had been planning on making improvements in certain areas of my life – this blog being one of them (I’ll let you be the judge on how well that goes). And while thinking about what to do, parts of me almost fell into the typical ‘I’ll wait till next year, it will be my new year’s resolution – top of the prayer list, amen thank you Lord.

But I ask, why wait?

A lot of the time it is due to fear. Fear of failing, fear of not being the best or just falling flat on your face. We often try to plan things for months on end in trying to avoid this.

That is all fair and well but for how long will you plan for? It is not about how fast you go but about whether or not you are actually moving. Think about it.

Yes let us plan and prepare for the things we want to do. But do not fear stepping out in faith on that idea you’ve had or the vision you have for your life.

Most people who we look up to in society didn’t get to where they are by having all the knowledge needed at the start. They began with the little they had.

It is a work in progress – you cannot climb up a ladder without first moving your leg. It may be painful but nothing worthwhile is easy - and nothing easy is worthwhile.

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